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Warhammer 40K

Warhammer 40K at Mad for Miniatures

Set in the distant future, Space Marines and Imperial Guard stand against alien hordes bent on their total destruction. The 40K general is spoilt for choice for his force from over thirteen armies including the ancient Eldar, brutal Orcs and the traitorous Chaos Space Marines. Games of Warhammer 40K can vary in size from small skirmishes of just a few dozen models per side, to massive clashes with hundreds of miniatures.


Warhammer Fantasy Battle at MFM THE GAME OF FANTASY BATTLES

Warhammer is set in a fantasy world of Orcs and Elves where the men of the Empire are likely to face the forces of Chaos. More than just a game Warhammer Fantasy Battle is an absorbing hobby where gamers can make, paint and field armies of excellent miniatures.